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Vineyards and environment protection

The winegrowers of the Cave de Roquebrun bet on mating disruption !

What is it? It is an effective alternative to conventional insecticides for controlling vine pest moths. This method requires constant observation of the vineyard from April to the end of August.
How does it work? The principle is to reproduce the pheromones (perfume) of female butterflies to disturb the males. A diffuser continuously emits as many pheromones as a million females per day, males can no longer spot females, matings are fewer. Thus, there are fewer eggs, fewer caterpillars and therefore less damage to the grapes. The harvest is healthy.

Two types of diffusers are used and positioned in the spring before the first flight. 500 diffusers per hectare are placed at regular intervals. In winter they are collected and treated by a specific recycling circuit.

Since a first successful trial in 2017, the “disrupted” zone has been extended.

Our goal for next year: protect the entire vineyard with this environmentally friendly method.

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