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Découvrez notre nouvelle gamme HORIZONS DE SCHISTE enfin disponible sur notreboutique en ligne

On accoste sur les rives de l’Orb où les raisins murissent au frais.
Un vin de plaisir à déguster sous la lune, ou en plein jour, dès l’apéritif !

An ode to the sun, singing in the glass. Generous, full of roundness in three colours, it is the range of evenings with friends, with tapas or pizza boards,
or exotic gastronomies.

The more you climb the hillsides, the more shale takes precedence over limestone. The complementary energies of dark and light soils are balanced in our assemblages, yin and yang aligned vertically with the terroir. The character of the terroir of Saint-Chinian, a limestone face, the other schist, is ideally illustrated in Roquebrun.Nos wines are chiseled to reveal this personality, both frank and complex. In the three colours, this range calls for a local gastronomy that meets it.

AOP Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun « ABSOLU DE SCHISTE »
Within the AOP Saint-Chinian, the terroir of Roquebrun is distinguished by its location in the north of the appellation and its location on acidic shale soils, among the oldest in Europe. These fragile, steep and friable soils require our winemakers to work in the goldsmith’s trade, which they carry out by hand, from pruning to harvest. In return, the freshness of the nights, the location of the hillsides and the acidity of the shale soils give our wines a unique character. The four elements come alive in a happy dynamic: the rain water guides the roots in the heart of the mother rock, the fresh air of the nights succeeds the fire of the sun. Schist is the ideal soil for this alchemical encounter.

AOP Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun « INFINI DE SCHISTE »
Beyond the Absolu, a long aging in barrels bears the fruit of the unique terroir of Roquebrun in the Infini de Schistes. After an ever more rigorous selection of plots, the winemakers of Roquebrun entrust to the oak barrels, for 18 months, the precious wines born of their heroic viticulture and their precision work in the cellar. They see their patinated tannins and aromas of black fruits, liquorice and garrigue magnified by notes of brown tobacco and a fine toasted. This wine delivers the quintessence of schists: the four elements are sublimated in a fifth, to the Infinite.

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